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Who's Taking Care of You While You're Taking Care of Everyone Else?

In this 2-part podcast from our Quality, Safety, and Engagement Committee, Drs. Ginger Manss and Shelley Johnson discuss strategies for nurses to take care of themselves and their teams while managing the COVID-19 crisis.

Ginger Manss is the QSE Chair and Chief Nursing Officer of Community Medical Centers in Stockton. In part 1 she will discuss tips for the "Home You". These self-care tips are designed to help nurses decompress after long and stressful days at work, as well as manage the difficulties of living in quarantine.

Shelley Johnson is the Director of Critical Care Services at NorthBay Healthcare. The first case of community-spread Coronavirus in the United States -- "patient zero"  -- occurred in Vacaville, California, and NorthBay was the first hospital to treat that individual. Shelley's team developed a command center to deal with the surge of patients they would soon treat. In part 2 of this podcast, Shelley will share the strategies she and her team developed to manage workflows and decrease stress for front-line healthcare workers.


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